Like… me? I guess?

Hello there! Bonjour, hola, 你好, ciao, salve, salaam, etc.

Welcome to KTB Photography! My name is Kevin Tuong, Supreme Overlord of KTB Photography. I’m a commercial and portrait photographer based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

I’m writing very casually and in first person because that’s just who I am. So that’s the first thing about me – if you really wanted to know about me. I’m casual, laid back, but absolutely hate inefficiency and wasting time. I like getting things done. So if you need your photography to be done on a timely manner or quicker, then get in touch.

Photography Background

I got my first camera at the influential age of 4 from a very arts and photography orientated family and-

Actually you, know what? I’m completely lying out my rear. I got my first camera, a Canon Rebel XSi, at the not-so-young age of 19 and the primary reason why I got a camera at all was because I’m a tech nerd, and it was on sale for boxing day. Inspirational, isn’t it? I had never taken a proper photograph in my life before that first camera either, nor did I have any other artistic talents. I did however play with a DSLR for about 5 minutes once, before I got my first camera. It’s what piqued my interest into camera tech in the first place.

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with photography though. I spent half a year playing with it, learning about every feature it had, and trying to learn how the pros made their photos look so… well, professional. Then one day while photographing a Chinese Opera performance, and struggling with the horridly low light, a gentlemen whom I still don’t know who he is to this day, decided to lend me his Canon flash and told me to try it out. Despite my hesitation and protests, mostly because I was afraid of looking like an idiot, he showed me how it worked and that experience opened up a whole new door of photography for me. That’s right – photography gear. Which only meant more Googling, more money, and more learning.

Next thing you know, I want to learn so much that I decided to enroll in photography classes at NAIT (Northern Alberta Insitute of Technology). And so my photography adventure began…

2 years of photography schooling, another piece of paper with honours, and a couple photography awards later… I now shoot professionally. But even to this day, I am constantly learning new things and evolving my photographic skills everyday. It’s an endless cycle. I personally don’t think that we as people should ever stop learning or improving ourselves. There is no limit to how much knowledge and talent a person can have and put out.


This is Rusty. Rusty was born on November 30th, 2017, and was the runt of his litter. He is now the official photography assistant here at KTB Photography.

He absolutely adores meeting new people and will want to say hi to every new person who shows him the slightest bit of attention. On the flip side, however, he hates dogs bigger than him because he wants them to know that he’s the boss, even though he’s weak and wimpy, kind of like Joffrey Lannister, and also ignores smaller dogs because they’re simply inferior in size.

Because of his love for humans, he’s the worst guard dog in existence. He’s also the least athletic dog in the Edmonton region. He can’t run for more than a block before speed-walking, and he’s regularly the slowest one at the park. He also has a vertical jump height of about 2 inches off the ground. He’s not particularly smart either, often not being able to sniff out food by his feet because he’s looking in front of him. He also lets treats hit his face if you try to toss some at him.

He is cute though… and that’s about all he’s got going for him.


2013 – Professional Photographers of Canada, Best Commercial Student Photograph Award

2013 – Professional Photographers of Canada, Best Overall Student Photograph Award

2017 – Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove, First Place for Best Image

2017 – Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove, Peoples Choice Award

2019 – InFocus YEG, Technicare Landscape Award

2020 – Best In Edmonton, Top Photographers in Edmonton shortlist