“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

– Ralf Speth

There was a time when I considered being an architect. I loved building things with lego, I loved rearranging furniture, and I always wanted to do renovations that a teenager could never afford. Nor were any of my ideas practical in any way. But that’s not what really stood in my way as an architect. My main issue was that I could not draw to save my life, or anyone else’s life for that matter. I was one of those types who struggled to draw a perfect square, circle, or even a nice clean line. You might be thinking “Oh yeah, me too.” But no – I was REALLY bad at it. Later on in life I also discovered that I’m really garbage at design in general.

But that never stopped me from appreciating design and architecture. Once I got into architectural/real estate/building photography (however you want to call it), I began to appreciate those two elements even more. I run my eyes around the space, guided by the lines and the angles of the walls. I take in everything from the colours, to the lights, the shadows, to the decor, and get a feel of how the room feels, and breathes. Then I look at the details, and absorb their intricacies, even when they’re simplistic.

One room can be looked at in so many different ways, and have so many different feelings from various angles. I really appreciate what a well designed building and space can do. So the next time you have a space or a building you want to show off and sell, or forever immortalized in photography – come to me. Let me appreciate your work and return it to you in a photograph that represents the feeling and flow of the space that you’ve created.