Teamwork is essential – it allows you to blame someone else.

– Unknown

Back in school, being in a group was always a bit of a risk. You never knew who you were going to get, the weird kid? The smelly kid? Or maybe the kid who never does any work. For some reason it didn’t hit me until after I was out of school, but group projects like that were simply helping us young ones adjust to the real world. A world where we’ll be forced to work with those who we don’t necessarily like.

But luckily as adults, all most of us are more mature and learn to cope, adapt and make things work out. However another large portion of people are lucky enough to get a group of people that they work very well with, get along with very well, and are practically friends both in and out of the workplace. If you’re one of those in the latter group, take a moment to really appreciate what you have and be really thankful you don’t have to work with [INSERT MORTAL ENEMY HERE].

But regardless of whether you, your coworkers, your team, or your subconsciously controlled underlings get along or not, we can capture a photograph that presents your company and your team in a professional manner. 

Alright everybody, hands in… 3.. 2.. 1.. [Shout out loud wherever you are]