“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

– Wayne Gretzky”

Michael Scott

Some people like sports, some people don’t. I’m on the side that likes sports and by extension, sports photography. Not because I’m a typical guy or anything like that, no. I like sports because it’s pure passion on display. It’s people who train their whole lives and compete at the highest levels and they do so out of passion. Some might have been born talented, others were less fortunate, but they all worked hard to get themselves to the highest level they can. You don’t do that unless you’re truly passionate about the sport you play. Sports aren’t practical or risk-free but people still play because it’s what they love. Whether it’s physical combat, hockey, soccer, basketball, motor sports, or even something as crazy as a fully iced slalom course, and regardless of casual or competitive play, I can help capture the athletes at their best.