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Mega Detailed Superwide Panoramas

Looking for a gorgeously detailed panorama for your home? Please contact us for sizing and pricing.

Vancouver Panorama Day
Vancouver Panorama Night

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Print Material Descriptions

It’s like a high gloss on crack, and yet more sophisticated than your normal gloss. The metallic paper has a gorgeous metal shine and vibrant colours that will bring life into any room or setting. Highlights on this material will pop and ‘twinkle’, making it ideal for the more colourful and vibrant images.

Metallic paper prints are produced by a local printing company based in Edmonton, AB.

The Framed Metallic Paper print uses the exact same paper as the unframed one, but with two key differences. The first is obviously that there’s a 1.5″ black frame surrounding the image. The frame is a gallery-style moulding, with a simplistic yet elegant squared-off edge and a matte finish to reflect the sophistication of modern art galleries. The second key difference is that there is no glass front on the framed print, but instead, the print is protected with a liquid laminate on top, which inhibits harmful UV Rays, and offers protection from fingerprints and other contaminants.

Framed metallic prints are produced by a local printing company based in Edmonton, AB.

This one is truly unique and my personal favourite. These metal prints infuse dyes directly into a specially coated sheet of sheered aluminium, finished with a glossy coating. This gives you an image with brilliance and vibrancy that is unmatched by any other type of material. The metal surface is waterproof, scratch-resistant, resists fading from sunlight by 2 to 4 times when compared to traditional photo papers. The metal print is then finished with a dark-grey brushed metal frame that is flushed to the sides of the image to give the print top-class rigidity, structure, and a high-quality finish. These prints will become the show-stopper, head-turner, and dazzler of your space.

The full metal prints are from the United States.

The canvas prints feature water and fade resistant, museum-quality archival canvas material. The canvas frame is 1.25″ deep. The canvas is finished with an ultra-protective UV-matte laminate to protect the prints from cracks, flaking, fading, or bubbling. Although this material may not have the impact that metallic paper or full metal prints have, it is a solid affordable alternative to host your favourite images on your walls.

The canvas prints are from the Canadian printer located in Ontario.

The framed canvas features the same canvas as the unframed, but with a black wood frame around the print to give it a higher-end, quality look and feel that takes canvas prints to the next level.

The canvas prints are from the Canadian printer located in Ontario.